Corporate Services

Since they established Pinpoint in 2000, psychologists John Deely and Sophie Rowan have been applying their expertise to help companies identify the right talent and develop people’s capacity to perform and lead. They have developed a reputation for working with companies undergoing significant change or facing major challenges.

Select the Best Talent

Psychometrics, interview design and delivery help companies to get better talent and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Coaching for Success

Develop the engagement and confidence of your senior team, new managers, executives and high potential employees. Highly engaged employees are almost 80 per cent more likely to be top performers.

Redundancy Support Services

Redundancy is often an unavoidable part of the business cycle. Managing it well allows a company to focus on the future. We deliver both one on one and group programmes.

Company Talks

Thought provoking sessions delivered in house or on company away events. It could be a lunchtime talk on well being for a particular team? A session on the conditions required to be creative? A breakfast session on peak performance?