Company Talks

Would you like Sophie or John to come and speak about workplace well-being at one of your company events? This can be a general session on the topic or a shorter more specific session on the psychology of managing email, being creative or becoming more optimistic for example.

John and Sophie are experienced presenters who enjoy public speaking and discourse on a range of workplace well-being topics.

Whether it’s a round table discussion with senior managers, a brainstorming session with HR, an event for the company off-site, a workshop for a project or networking group or a presentation at the annual conference, work place well-being will always spark interesting and informative discussion and provides a platform for real and lasting change.

The following is a sample list of topics that we have presented on;

    • Work-place well-being – the core characteristics
    • How to manage your career within the organisational setting
    • Increase your job satisfaction – small things that make a big difference
    • Learned Optimism – the benefits of seeing the bright side
    • Increase your self-awareness – and watch your career transform
    • Grow your own career (proactive career management)

      A sample of organisations we have done talks and workshops

      Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, The National Theatre of Ireland (the Abbey), Uniphar Ltd, The Psychological Society of Ireland, Legal Island Annual Employment Review Conferences, The Law Society, Citigroup Women’s Network