Redundancy Support Services

Pinpoint has delivered redundancy support programmes where

  • The organisation or operation is closing down
  • A department or division is being restructured
  • Individual members of staff are being let go

Working with departing employees facing the jobs market as they try to figure out what to do with their career. We help them to

  • See the redundancy as an opportunity for their careers
  • Develop practical plans for their career and put them into action
  • To confidently manage their job search in a challenging market

A redundancy process is a challenging scenario for all concerned. The way the process is managed will have a lasting impact on the organisation and the people involved.

Limiting the impact of a redundancy process depends on what happens before and afterwards. Our expertise and guidance has supported:-

(1) Those involved in implementing and communicating the decision

  • Managers and HR – those who will be at the ‘front-line’ throughout the process
  • Getting the message right – how the news is delivered can be a key source of discontent and may even put the programme on the back foot before it has even started
  • We help plan the content and manner of the communication and coach those involved in delivery
  • We provide on-site information and Q & A sessions on the redundancy support service once the announcement has been made

(2) Employees remaining with the organisation and dealing successfully with the new set-up

  • Providing morale and well-being workshops to help reduce ‘survivor syndrome’
  • Role profiling and training for those with changed roles and responsibilities
  • Coaching and leadership development for new managers and leaders in the new set-up

Clients include:

  • United Drug, McCann Fitzgerald, Cylon Controls Ltd., AXIS Specialty Europe Limited, Capita, BFC Financial Ltd. IILT, Tosach, Uniphar

Our services can be provided on a stand-alone basis or as part of an overall programme.

Contact us to discuss the redundancy scenario facing your organisation.

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