Full Closure of commercial manufacturing plant

APW Ltd. had significant operations in Ireland including a plant with 180 people in Tallaght.  APW in Tallaght manufactures enclosures, and backplanes for computer servers.  In 2005, the decision was taken to close this plant and move operations to a different location.  Pinpoint was engaged prior to the announcement to structure a service and prepare key operations and HR staff in advance of the announcement.

The redundancy programme was going to be phased and production had to be maintained while it was wound down on phased basis over 6 months.  The challenge of the support programme was to work with this scenario.  Career Focus workshops were scheduled on site with employees getting part of the time off their shifts.  Based on research into the skills profile, we engaged specific recruiters to come on site to register people.  We followed up with on site career clinics, which provided a one on one service to complement the group works shops.  In parallel, key employees who were heavily involved in implementing the closure were supported with a one on one service.  This included CV preparation, interview coaching, profiling and market research.  It enabled them to reposition themselves quickly even though the final phase of their role was very demanding.

The feedback from the participants was very positive.  Initially, they were quite cynical about the service but feedback from the initial workshops enabled complete engagement with the service.

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