One on one support for a Senior Manager

Following a restructure, Jim was made redundant from a Head of Finance role after a relatively short period in the position. Having had a steady career, dealing with the scenario was initially a challenge even though he had a strong CV. The timing was a concern as it was at the start of the downturn and opportunities were drying up in his sector. The initial challenge was to get him focused on what kind of finance role would suit and manage expectations about the time it could take to get an equivalent position.

The initial engagement involved reviewing career highlights and going through the feedback from the psychometric profiles. This was both motivating and practical as it highlights the strength of what he had to offer despite the setback. The next step was to prepare for the market by providing interviewing coaching and a few specific versions of his CV. The interview coaching focussed not just on formal interviews but also informal meetings with recruiters and personal and professional contacts. A key issue for anyone in a job search for a few months is to remain flexible and optimistic and this was part of the coaching and support provided.

We worked with Jim over a 6 month period during which time he had several interviews for different opportunities. The outcome was that he was able to successfully reposition himself in a related role in a different sector, one that drew on his skills and experience and fit his career expectations and values. The process not only helped him secure a role in a tough market but also developed his career management skills so he gets the most from future roles.

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