Coaching Corporate Service Case Study

In 2008, Pinpoint was engaged by Uniphar to coach key managers who were driving the relocation and business restructure of its operations.  Uniphar has 600 employees and a turnover of over €700m euro.  It had outgrown its original HQ in Tallaght and was developing and relocating to a state of the art facility in Citywest.  This was not a like for like move as they were also introducing a bespoke state of the art warehouse system and changing work practices.  This is the kind of project whose success depends on the skills and efforts of your best people.  Uniphar recognised that delivering such significant changes while ensuring business continuity and service standards placed significant pressure on those involved in the project.  Case studies of similar changes indicated that burnout and pressure could lead to significant turnover of key managers.  Uniphar’s key objective was to retain this talent.

Uniphar engaged Pinpoint to worked with 10 key managers in areas from warehouse, IT, finance, operations, quality and engineering to ensure that not only did they maintain focus and well-being but the relocation process represented a positive platform for their careers in the new scenario.  The programme combined profiling, coaching and also working with an occupational health expert.  A key success factor was integrating the programme into the schedules of people who were at times working flat out.

Not only are all managers are still in the organisation, the coaching clearly contributed to their development for new roles in the restructured organisation.  It also contributed to the quality of the relocation project.

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